My Team Report - What's the deal?

Thanks for stopping by. Actually, the fact that you are even reading this page is pretty notable. Consider yourself a notch above the plebian masses that would never even consider clicking an "About Us" link. That includes me, to be honest.

This site exists because I am a sports news junkie. I spend a lot of time going to a bunch of different websites trying to keep up with all the news for my favorite teams. That chase can be fun, but it's a pain in the arse when there's a lot going on. Like, for example, a game being played. I thought there could be a better way.

So I looked to RSS feeds to simplify things. There's obviously a lot of RSS readers out there that make following RSS feeds easy. But I was dissatisfied with the presentation in various feed readers, and there was a lot of junk in there that didn't relate to my team. It needed some filters. Also, it was a pain finding all the RSS feeds to use to follow my teams. Getting the right feeds was a lot of work, and at least half the battle. Once I tracked them down, I felt like I had something interesting to share that others would benefit from, since I could save them the work. The aggregation itself was valuable.

The way the site works is that every 10 minutes, it reads the RSS feeds from all the websites you see listed in the "Sources Used" box. New content is posted to the site when it finds some. Some of the RSS articles are filtered out if they don't appear to be related to the team you're viewing. As noted above, not all RSS feeds are created equal. Expect to see some random shiz in there sometimes.

The site started off with a only a handful of teams. New teams are being addded all the time.

Also, consider the site Beta at the moment. It might be a little rough around the edges, as it is a work in progress. I make no money from this site; it's simply a hobby for me.

News Publishers: If you want your content removed from the site, that's fine. Please let me know at the email address below. Just remember that this is based on RSS feeds that you're publishing to the public anyway. My Team Report doesn't publish your entire article, just the description of your article as posted in your RSS feed. Publishers have complete control. Additionally, this site exposes your content to readers that may not have seen it otherwise. It's an additional distribution channel for you.

If you want to reach me for any reason, please email