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Cain's solid outing backed by Sandoval's hits

The San Francisco Giants complemented Matt Cain's three scoreless innings with timely hitting by Pablo Sandoval and Michael Morse in a 3-2 exhibition victory Wednesday over the Los Angeles Angels.

Giants' Matt Cain focused on stronger start in 2014

Matt Cain's poor start a year ago a factor in San Francisco Giants' dismal 2013

Matt Cain continues Giants' run of strong starts, Giants win

And Pablo's getting smaaaaller. I don't believe in spring-training games with meaning. But I do believe in omens. There! Just under Mark Minicozzi's glove! Someone put the name "Vanlandingham" on Scottsdale Stadium, and they did it on purpose! It's like an Easter egg that dorks who followed Lost too closely would pick up on. It means something. It could mean that this season is going to be a crushing disappointment. Or it could mean this season is going to be hella wild. /nudges You know? A

Cain on the starters: “We didn’t carry the load that we needed...

The poker face has been there through tough defeats and a perfect game, 90-loss seasons and championship runs. Matt Cain is always unflappable, and he had no reaction but a shrug of the shoulders when peppered about a shocking start… Continue Reading ?

Live chat: San Francisco Giants in the Cactus League, Thursday...

Join beat writer Alex Pavlovic as he hosts a live San Francisco Giants chat from Arizona.

Live chat: San Francisco Giants in the Cactus League, Thursday...

Join beat writer Alex Pavlovic as he hosts a live San Francisco Giants chat from Arizona.

Open GameThread, 3/5

IT'S ON TELEVISION. Or, at least, my computer. Same thing. 1. Gregor Blanco - CF 2. Brandon Crawford - SS 3. Pablo Sandoval - 3B 4. Hunter Pence - RF 5. Michael Morse - LF 6. Hector Sanchez - C 7. Joaquin Arias - 2B 8. Mark Minicozzi - 1B 9. Roger Kieschnick - DH ¬. Matt Cain - P

Wednesday’s lineups: No Trout, No Posey

Oh come on, Angels … Aybar DH Green SS Pujols 1B Conger C Boesch LF Cowgill CF Jimenez 3B Long RF McDonald 2B Weaver RHP Blanco CF Crawford SS Sandoval 3B Pence RF Morse LF Sanchez C Arias 2B Minicozzi… Continue Reading ?

San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/5

The Six Amazing Links You Literally Have To Click On Or You Will Be Eaten By Literal Lions, Metaphorically The SB Nation picture thing doesn't have any pictures of the Brewers puppy. SHAME ON YOU, WIDGET. SHAME ON YOU. PUPPY UPDATEPUPPY PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY PUPPY...UPDATE How To Get Backyard Baseball All Up In Your LifeIf you are one of the many people who played Backyard Baseball, sometimes you might think "Dang, that game was fun and I wish I could play it again, except I don't hav

MadBum, Vogey continue starters' strong spring

Madison Bumgarner and Ryan Vogelsong sustained the precision of the Giants' projected starting rotation in Tuesday's 3-2 Cactus League victory over the Colorado Rockies.

Dunning weathers missed DP to get save

The Giants spent Tuesday morning working extra on converting double plays. They proceeded to demonstrate why they needed practice.

Runzler loses phenom status, gains maturity

Dan Runzler's not preoccupied with whether he'll make the Giants' Opening Day roster. Make no mistake: The left-hander remains fiercely competitive and hopeful of helping the Giants. But if he never again wears a San Francisco uniform in the regular season, it won't wear on him.

Giants use two starters to down Rockies, 3-2

Is this a new secret strategy we'll see employed during the season??? I'll be honest, I used to make fun of Jeff Sullivan when he would recap spring-training games. I'd make fun of him right to his tall face. This year, though, I got excited for baseball, and I tried a couple, just for yuks, and ... my god, these games really don't mean anything, do they? I've made a huge mistake. But sometimes you get a feeling of how the entire season is going to go. After today's game, here's what the

Bumgarner shuts down Rockies in second start

Giants starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner and Rockies starter Juan Nicasio each threw three strong and scoreless innings Tuesday as the Giants scratched out a 3-2 victory at Salt River Fields at Talking Stick

SPRING NOTES: Starters hitting their spots early; Belt picks...

Bruce Bochy skipped a live BP session early in camp, opting to head to the minor league facility and watch some of the kids. I guess we’re starting to see why he was so confident in his big league starters.… Continue Reading ?

Giants' Madison Bumgarner has another solid outing

San Francisco Giants' Madison Bumgarner throws three scoreless innings against Colorado Rockies

Projecting Tim Hudson's 2014 season

It should be good, unless it isn't. My biggest worry when Tim Hudson signed was that his ERA was going to go up a half-run because he wasn't facing the Giants anymore. There's an archetype in my head of the pitchers who seem to do well against the Giants: cagey, veteran strike-throwers, mostly. Which is to say, Hudson. But he wasn't that great against the Giants, with an 8-5 mark and 3.51 ERA in 18 starts. The Giants walked fewer times against him than almost any other opponent -- no, it's

Open GameThread, 3/4

1. Angel Pagan - CF 2. Juan Perez - LF 3. Brandon Belt - 1B 4. Buster Posey - C 5. Tyler Colvin - RF 6. Tony Abreu - DH 7. Adam Duvall - 3B 8. Nick Noonan - 2B 9. Ehire Adrianza - SS ß. Madison Bumgarner - P Brandon Belt is back in the lineup, and that's all that really matters. That, and the baseball game. Which is at least tied for the most important March 4th game ever.

Tuesday’s Giants/Rockies lineups: Belt (stiff neck) is back

Madison Bumgarner this morning: “Do I get to hit today?” Bruce Bochy: “We’re using a DH.” Bumgarner: Shakes his head for 20 seconds Pagan CF Perez LF Belt 1B Posey C Colvin RF Abreu DH Duvall 3B Noonan 2B Adrianza… Continue Reading ?

San Francisco Giants Link Dump, 3/4

Click On These Links And Try To Tell Me The World Is Not A Miraculous Place It's raining links! Also, water. Not men, though. That would be weird and painful. Video: Hudson's Giants spring debut | MLB.comVideo from Tim Hudson's first start. At several points, he throws pitches. Similarly, there is video from Tim Lincecum's first start of the year. He also throws pitches. Boy, the Giants front office sure has a type! 2014 San Francisco Giants Consensus Top 72 ProspectsWhat is the consensus r

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